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School Talk – Week of Sept 19th

Priest River Elementary

Our Fall Fundraiser is here!  Students will be bringing home their fall fundraiser packets this week.  Funds raised will touch all of our children as it is through this fundraiser that our PTO is able to support so many happenings here at PRE.  These funds help us keep our equipment up to date, help with field trip funding and also help fund specific classroom or grade-level needs such as purchasing specific supplies or curriculum.  We will have our First Grade Open House on Wednesday (9/21) at 5:30. Teachers will share first grade expectations and effective ways parents can help their children develop important skills at home.  We will have our first Site Council meeting this Thursday (9/22) at 2:35 in our cafeteria.  Looking ahead: the week of 10/3 marks mid-quarter and progress report week.  School pictures will take place on 10/4 and 10/5 Enjoy your week.

Idaho Hill Elementary

We would like to thank all of those who so generously donated school supplies to Idaho Hill Elementary. We are blessed! Thank you.  We would also like to remind those of you who signed up to volunteer, of our Volunteer Orientation set for September 27th. There will be 2 orientation times to choose from, so pick the time that best serves your needs: 8:00 a.m. or 6:00 p.m. This important meeting is to help volunteers be more effective as well as acquaint them with proper procedures regarding confidentiality, and expectations. If you have any questions, please contact Angela Tuttle at 437-4227.

Priest Lake Elementary

Priest Lake Elementary School had a fantastic turn out to our PTO BBQ and Open House. We had two guest readers at our Open House reading " Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" - which encourages positive behavior through kindness, appreciation, and love on a daily basis. Thank you all for your support to our school and honoring your children in attending. There will be a PTO Meeting on Thursday at 2:45 in the Library - everyone is invited. We have completed the IRI testing for our Kindergarten through Third grade students. Thank you for returning all the beginning of year paperwork - we are still missing a few pages if you could please return them ASAP that would be very helpful.

Priest River Junior High School

The first home PRJH football game with St. Maries will be Sept. 22. 7th grade team will play at 3:30PM. 8th grade will play at 5:00PM. The first home PRJH volleyball game will be Sept. 22 with River City at 3:30PM. The 8th graders will play. Go Warriors! Thank you to our wonderful PTO for running the concessions at our home games. We appreciate the 25 new headsets for our computer lab.

Priest River Lamanna High School

PRLHS would like to express an extra special thank you to all who attended the Newport/Priest River football game and Tom Sherry's tailgate party. We had a great turn out and appreciate all the community support for such a big event. Thank you. Senior Picture deadline is November 1st. Turn in your senior picture to Mr. Bodecker. Important message for parents - Please do not park in the circle loop in front of the high school when picking up your students from school. This is the bus lane and we need to keep this open. Thank you. The Homecoming football game is September 30th. Spirit week will be the week of September 25th. Please remember you may turn in your free and reduced lunch forms to the office at any time throughout the school year.

Thank you for supporting West Bonner Schools!


School News

University of TALCA advises applicants make the best decision

UTALCA advises applicants after PSU to make the best decision

With the use of traditional channels, social networks and the use of a photographic booth where young people get a souvenir to celebrate the great step of the postulation to higher education, the University of Talca supports the admission process with a large influx of Public in its 5 venues.

Hundreds of young people have approached the University of Talca, through its various channels, to obtain information in the application period. This is how the “Postulate with Us” center, located in the 5 campuses, have received the visit of the applicants with their families looking for information about the careers and the steps to follow of the process of admission, enrollment, and use of the benefit Of gratuity.

“We want to support the youth and their families in this important step, giving timely information, and delivering the security that gives the prestige of an institution such as the University of Talca,” said Rodrigo Luppi director of Admissions and Linkage with the school system. The House of studies “.

In addition to the support centers for the postulation, a whole system of remote attention has been enabled to the applicant, through traditional channels and the social media center. Among the first queries that come through emails admisió and promoció , in addition to the telephone line 800 7171.

In social networks this year has boosted the use of facebook and twitter, But the Whatsapp of admission has been incorporated with great success, whose number is +56 9 618 65653, where all the queries are answered instantaneously.

Facebook has maintained a rhythm of 30 daily publications with relevant information, but what stands out most is the use of the hire photo booth melbourne, Where young people get a souvenir to celebrate the great step of the postulation to higher education, and share it with their contacts. Each photo album has a range of 2,383 views

All the details of the wedding at the Campus Party

Thus conculyó the history of Campus Party 2011 with a happy ending symbolically marrying two geeks in front of thousands of campuseros.

“It all started one day, when we got engaged. And he went and talked with our friends from the Campus. Afterwards, my girlfriend sent me a tweet to ask her for marriage as long as the message was retweeted 50 times “, Diego tells us, whose Twitter user is @Gardius.

Within 15 minutes of having sent it, we already had more than 100 answers “, affirms Melissa, who calls himself @sugarmeli in the social network of the bird.

“And so, the community began to organize and while some got the pants, the jacket and the dress, others were looking for who would act as a judge,” geek boyfriends say.

After the official permission, Salvador Bolaños, accreditation coordinator of the event, granted them the main stage to carry out the union with as a witness the main screen that would show the messages of their followers via Twitter. “We thought we would have a negative answer. However, we never expected such a response as people became passionate and turned it into Trending Topics, “adds the bride.

Around two in the morning of Sunday, July 24, the first technological wedding was held framed not only by the love of two cybernauts but by the digital union of social networks.

Details of the wedding.
– The rings were made in the modding section where modifications were made to things with pure computer parts. They are made of plastic and are wound in resistance. The one of Melissa is of a green led surrounding a white one and the one of Diego has a button of ignition and a key F10 and wedding photo booth hire sydney.

V- otos
Yo Gardius
I accept you Sugarmeli
to love you and never trollearte.
Give yourself RT whenever you can.
Also put all the photos on my Facebook.
(Even change my status on Facebook).

Gardius I accept you
as my legitimate user.
I will be with you to love and respect you
until the Wi Fi disappears.

If there is any impediment, send it by mail.

New secutiy systems to improve school transport safety

One of the biggest concerns parents have when we send our children to school or say goodbye to them when going on a field trip is their safety .

Our fears begin because they can fall when they go up or down the access ladders, because they rise from their seats during the journey and in a braking can be hurt, or that the driver goes too fast and the most feared of all, that There is an accident along the way.

We must raise awareness among young people about the risks that exist in our road environment and we have to start with the small ones and make them see that to prevent traffic accidents, as drivers, users or pedestrians, we have to comply and respect the rules. About 90% of the accidents related to school transport occur at the time of getting on or off the bus or at the immediately preceding or subsequent moments. Sometimes the children are impatient, they run down the stairs and fall or cross the street without looking. That is why it is important to instill at a young age the importance of following basic standards both within the means of transport and on public roads.

Increasing precautions are taken in this type of transport. The regulations are being adjusted to European directives and frequent surveillance campaigns are carried out to avoid accidents. The Civil Guard frequently checks the documentation, tachometer, fire extinguishers and breathalyzer controls, but warn that it is necessary to renew the fleet of school vehicles because too many buses without a belt are still circulating, a mandatory element for vehicles registered as of October 2007.

That is why parents have to take special care when choosing school transport companies, to ensure that vehicles always incorporate seat belts, and other safety measures that the law imposes.

But the safety requirement for the transportation of our children does not and can not stay there. One of the criteria that we should evaluate when choosing the transport company is if it has a system of location and management of fleet.

These systems, such as Localizza, send information to parents in real time about the exact location of the bus, send alerts in case of speeding driving, and other vital data.

Reasons to request from the board of the school to the bus company that the team with a localization system:

Safety, above all and above all.

These systems allow parents to access from their Smartphone, tablet or computer and see where the vehicle is going and what it will take to reach the point of collection or delivery of the child. This saves the parent time, but, more importantly, helps prevent the child from having to wait alone or stay alone at a stop, in bad weather, for example.

One of the main utilities of these systems is that they report on the speeding, through an alert that emits the system. They also inform if the driver has taken an unauthorized detour or has entered an area where he should not go. All this is gathered in historical reports that helps to evaluate the correct performance of the service.

Another safety proposal is the home security systems that allow the student to be tracked from the moment he enters the vehicle, through the use of identification cards, which pass through a scanner located on the bus. This allows you to know when the student has entered and gotten off the vehicle.

Among the benefits offered by the use of a localization and management system such as Localizzais that it allows bidirectional communication with the bus. Therefore if you have to communicate any urgency or danger could be done through it, or if the driver is observing a problem inside the bus, such as bullying or similar, you can report immediately to take urgent action.

Education: When the symptoms of ovarian cysts are dangerous

The symptoms

Of ovarian cysts in the early stages do not seem serious. In this lies the danger of the disease leading to serious complications for large amounts of education.

Cyst – cavity that is filled with fluid in the limited interior. It develops from a mature follicle epithelium during the hormonal imbalance sphere. For the delight of women, it should be noted that most of the cystic cavity is not a Problem, and eventually hormonal background normalization are in themselves. Such forms of diseases in medicine are called temporal or functional.

Frequent symptoms of ovarian cysts in women Symptoms

Of ovarian cysts of the follicular type rarely lead to disruption of ovulation (egg formation process). In the pathology of a mature follicle after egg rejection is not destroyed, but continues to grow in size. Fluid accumulates. By changing the hormonal environment education undergoes degeneration and destruction.C

As a result, women have a special risk posed to health. However, complications of the presence of follicular cysts occur in medical practice:

  • Of torque;
  • Rupture cyst;
  • Internal hemorrhage, peritonitis
  • (Inflammation of the peritoneum). Symptoms

Of abnormal cysts are more dangerous. Their main reason is a stable hormonal failure. Under their influence, there are education, which gradually increase in size. If we do not remove the cause of the disease is likely the rapid growth of cysts. In such a situation it will require surgery to prevent the formation of a vacuum.

Depending on the etiology of cysts symptoms are classified as:

  • primary;
  • high school.

Primary education are most often accidentally discovered by a physician when performing a small pelvic ultrasound examination. When you do not see disturbed menstrual cycle, there are no pains in the lower abdomen. Problems of expanding data can lead to a woman If a pregnancy occurs. If education begins to grow, it is necessary to eliminate the way of functioning, as it is very likely breaks during delivery.

Most follicular cysts, on the other hand, disappear during maternity. This is due to the fact that the pregnancy process is controlled by the hormone progesterone and the structures necessary for the growth of estrogen.

Of benign ovarian growths

So what symptoms indicate the presence of ovarian cysts. First, the menstrual cycle is altered. It becomes irregular and painful.

Second, pathological training hindered body (even benign) functionality, which is formed. In this context, often fever. Acute abdominal pain in pathology are rare and only provoked by torsion around the axis of the cyst.

Plus education sizes lead to bloating, heavy and sudden bleeding from the vagina.

Secondary ovarian cysts are education in the leg. Due to this structure have increased tendency to twist. If this training does not go away on its own in the next menstruation or hormone replacement therapy, surgery is necessary.

Dermoid cyst is the most dangerous.Not most often young.Dizontogeneticheskie is a tumor that has a diameter of about 15 cm and gradually progresses.In its cavity under ultrasound, magnetic resonance or computer studies can detect cartilage, hair and bone.

Cystic adenoma is a benign tumor, which forms from epithelial ovary and rapidly increases in size up to 30 cm. This expansion requires surgical excision in the early stages.

On important pathogenic mechanisms of benign ovary growth

Cystic proliferation of ovary tumor is benign, in which the fluid accumulates. Its wall forms a thin layer of cells that produce the internal contents. If the cyst does not put pressure on the surrounding tissue and without legs, it was treated conservatively. Secondary education

Is removed by surgery or by puncture.

Anatomically, the ovaries of a healthy woman are about the size of a walnut. The size of the cysts sometimes reach 12 cm. During each menstrual cycle, these bodies are subjected to the maximum load during ovulation. Elimination of the egg in the fallopian tube. The egg grows in the follicle. In ovulation, it must break and “release” the egg. If there are cystic growths, it can tighten soft tissue and prevent the ovulation process in The ovary tissue. As a result, women in the final stages of the menstrual cycle and bleeding will produce fever.

An ultrasound of the ovary before ovulation detected many small cystic cavities. They are follicles with ovules mature. At the time of ovulation to burst one or two of the follicles, and the rest is maturing.

For reasons unknown at any given time in some follicles an excess amount of fluid accumulates, and increases greatly in size. However, after some time the follicle continues to explode and “release” the egg.

Instead of the follicle forms destroyed “yellow body”, which begins to produce the hormone progesterone. Sometimes it fills with blood and hemorrhagic cyst appears. It does not go away on its own, but rarely increases in size. This type of education is There for a long time, but that does not cause serious clinical symptoms.

“Yellow body” can accumulate fluid. In this situation, it does not cancel with the onset of a new menstrual cycle and increases in size. However, the “growing” education slow and does not cause problems for women

Therefore, symptoms of ovarian cysts are rarely “told” about themselves. Despite the fact that functional cysts frequently test alone, in the presence of such formations in the ovary a diagnosis is required in time to prevent Other types of proliferations that are potentially deadly.

The best food processor in School is …

The one that allows you to make more recipes

A food processor will offer us the possibility of having varied menus for each day.

Do not hesitate. Technical characteristics aside, in the long run what you will most value from your food processor, when you become dependent on it, will be that you get more and more options to recreate multitude of dishes.

There will come a day when this robot will be your God and you will not know what to do if it breaks down

Jokers aside, this invention can give you the perfect support, or directly make different recipes. But, let’s start with the simplest:

Imagine, as is my case, that there are chicks to feed at home. We can pull the prefabricated boats, or prepare some good homemade potitos with several vegetables and the recommended amounts of meat, chicken or fish that corresponds in each phase of growth.

We will only have to chop the vegetables and the meat / fish / chicken a bit and let the robot do the rest, first the steamed steam for about twenty minutes and then the shaking that is achieved in a pis pas, just removing the support Plastic for the cooking and pressed the button to beat.

With a robot you can get between 3 and 10 jars for children, depending on the size of your jars and the robot’s own bucket (With a bucket of 6 liters you can always attend to as many diners). That means that with so much jar, you will have food saved for several days. And your little ones will eat as God commands (in this case God the robot), with all the qualities of the foods kept perfectly in the liquid resulting from the cooking.

I have started from this child-rearing function of the food processor because I believe that there are few cases in which these robots enter the house as a baby birth gift or as a necessary purchase for their own convincing when the dwarves arrive. The best 5 picks baby food processor is the first concept we usually handle.

Whatever it is, you should know that in addition to getting your little hearts grow, you have a great kitchen tool, take advantage of it.

Although in this post I am using the words ” food processor ” and ” robotindistinctly , it is not all the same. By custom we usually group everything in one, but the kitchen robots are pulling towards more sophisticated evolutions than I will speak another day.

But here we focus on the little brother, although a student of any kitchen. Whenever you have all the complete ones that you can equip yourself today, it will do you a great role.

I emphasize from our great robot friend two aspects that I have already named. Your two basic possibilities.

  • Food processor as stand.

Can you cut the mayonnaise? Try food processing. Too bad you have to give so you do not have a mayonnaise like never before. Dare also with a homemade ketchup. In any case with own products and fresh, without artificial preservatives or additives.

Do you need a shred for a pasta dish or for a pizza? It has the grating option. By the way, it is cheaper than the supermarket bags and much more tasty.

Do you want to present a dessert of fine pastries? You can get the perfect colophon of your cake or your cake by grinding nuts, almonds or any other tasty complement with which to sprinkle these delicious presentations.

Have you tried putting on a good 100% homemade fried? Grind the meat or ham, prepare a perfect béchamel for your croquettes. You will easily reach the mother level.

  • Recipes with food processor

Let’s not think that our robot will take us the dishes cooked to the table, presenting them and going into detail about the process of preparation while we look at the wine list. We are at home and we have to do our part.

The food processor can prepare, in a few steps, great dishes such as macaroni with minced meat and sausage, lentils with vegetables, various rice, sautéed artichokes, soups of different compounds …

The two magic steps, in which you intervene as a chef and that will achieve most of your dishes, require only your manipulation of the stirring blade and the blade for the previous chopping of the accompaniments of the main ingredient. The cooking, mixing of your dressing and therefore the cooking, run of account of the machine.

The time dedicated to have a good dish completely cooked by the robot will be about half an hour. Safety, quickness, fresh raw material and as a result very healthy food.

When the whole family of good account of the menu (I told you at first that you buy a rather large processor) is a last satisfaction, contemplate how the kitchen has remained completely clean throughout the elaboration.

Thank the robot and clean it well.

Student injured by bullets, armory studies, what is this?

While Beranger Moireau is still in a serious state, meltyCampus informs you about the course followed by the young French student: the armory.

The gunsmith designates the person who is legally authorized to sell weapons, but also the person who manufactures them. This last function was learned by the student from the Jura and shot in Liège. According to detailed plans the gunsmith works the wood, the metal and adjust the parts thanks to specific tools. The work in the workshop is very varied from mechanics to forging, to armor-making or engraving, the choice of wood or steel, the restoration of ancient weapons, surface treatment or study of the tempering, l The gunsmith possesses several strings to his bow. A realization that has to be meticulous to guarantee a quality weapon and especially a safety during its manipulation. Several ways exist to become a skilled worker in the field of armory, but before being accepted into armory schools it is necessary to acquire a certain know-how. To do this, the student can go directly after a bac prof to what is called a BMA Armurier, but if he does not have any training as a fitter, he must first go through a CAP Armurier , Acquire the basics of fitting and manual dexterity.

This sector little known to the general public, attracts many young people, in the United States a student even created his own firearms . A demanding admission in which the schools recognize the privilege of individuals who are already used to dealing with weapons, such as hunting. Once trained students have several channels at their disposal but the opportunities remain very weak. There is industry , commerce with large retailers (Decathlon, Sport 2000, etc …) or genuine gunsmiths with certifications called “details”, and finally the police and the army that have, and will always have, Need of gunsmith. It should be emphasized that the profession is dependent on political decisions that may lead to changes in hunting, weapons and points of sale legislation. What do you think about armory studies?

Risaralda youth strengthen their coffee roots from ‘School and coffee’ program

It is promoted by the National Federation and the Departmental Committee of Coffee Growers, in agreement with the Community of Madrid, the Humanism and Democracy and Education Secretary Foundation.


830 students from rural areas of the municipalities of Guática, Quinchía, Belen de Umbria, Dosquebradas, Shrine, Apía and Pereira have learned from last year, know the culture of coffee.

The charge of training young people are the teachers in rural schools throughout the month of January explanatory participated in three workshops, taught by the Federation concerning the best coffee makers under $1000 production process.

This initiative seeks to raise awareness about the importance of proper nutrition, from production on farms, in order to prepare a generation of competent relief aimed at strengthening rural education.

A total of 29 schools have received donations to their video libraries, agricultural libraries and agricultural inputs, to develop the work in the field.

As motivation for this project ‘learning, sowing and winning’ competition announced until the 18th of this month, for the delivery of the projects developed by students and schools starts.

They will be taken into account some parameters to qualify and select the best: A suitable formulation, community support, management of basic administrative tools and is executable.

They will be awarded to the three best proposals bonds 400 000 (1), 300 (2) and 200 (3) thousand pesos.

“We invite all families to support students in completing projects on farms, and experience to participate in those carried out at school. A principals and teachers to encourage and support the formulation and development for these purposes, “said Angela Maria Cardona, an analyst educational project in Risaralda.

What are the best law schools in the United States?

What are the best law schools in the United States?
Every year, thousands of students seeking the best law school. (Harvard university image by Stephen Orsillo from

Every year, thousands of students seeking the best law school. They are looking for a school to provide them with the necessary tools to succeed and that help them boost their burgeoning in the legal profession. Many universities the world provide an excellent legal education, which makes it difficult to decide which is best. This article will examine the 5 best law schools in the United States who have crossed borders to other countries to train lawyers worldwide.

Harvard Law School

The name itself represents the highest standards of higher education. Founded in 1817, the Harvard Law School remains the Faculty of Law oldest continuous operation the United States.With about 1,900 students attending each year, it is one of the most desirable on the planet universities. Graduating from Harvard Law School Law is a unique achievement. There are six graduates of Harvard Law in the Supreme of JusticeHarvard offers 260 courses that have successfully prepared the best professionals law for almost 200 years.

Harvard Law School 1563 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02138 617-495-3100

New York University

New York University (better known by its acronym, NYU) is considered one of the most prestigious law schools in the world.New York University was founded in 1935 and was one of the first law schools to admit women. New York University is also known as a pioneer in education programs as interdisciplinary clinical symposia, public service and global studies. NYU has taken the lead in integrating the law between different countries. Participate in study programs abroad in 11 countries, including: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Palermo (Argentina).

New York University New York, New York 10012 212-998-1212 40 Washington Square s

Law School of Yale University

Yale University has one of the law schools most renowned in the world. It was founded in the early nineteenth century, although law students actually not started receiving degrees until 1843. Yale is renowned for providing a first class student experience. With one of the lowest proportions of students per teacher in the world, ensure that each student receives the attention necessary to succeed. Yale students receive practical training in representing clients through “clinical” from its first year. Last year, the university awarded $ 2.4 million in payment loans for graduate students.

PO Box 208215 Yale University New Haven, CT 06520-8215 203-432-4995

Law School Stanford University

The School of Law at Stanford University is a private institution that began offering studies law in 1893. The law school itself was established in 1908 and helped a leading institution of the California Bar exam role. Stanford has one of the largest libraries in the world, with more than 500 thousand books, audiovisual and microform 360 000 articles and about 8,000 magazines. The library of Stanford University has provided students with the best resources, which have helped guide thousands of impeccable professionals.

Stanford University Law School Crown Quadrangle, 559 Nathn Abbott Way Stanford, CA 94305-8610 650-723-4985

School of Law, Columbia University

Founded in 1754, Columbia University is one of the few universities developed before the American Civil War. Columbia stands out as the fifth oldest university in the United States.School of Law, Columbia University was founded in 1858 and has become one of the leading law schools in the world. This private institution was ranked # 1 in the National Law Journal, in a survey called “law schools to which we must attend”, which was determined by graduate lawyers representing 250 firms. With approximately 1,200 students, Columbia Law School is another small school that clings to a giant reputation.

Columbia University Law School 435 W. 116th Street New York, NY 10027 212-854-2670

personal injury lawyer florence sc

Smith Ammons, LLC – Attorneys at Law is a Florence, SC based law firm offering representation
to clients in many areas of law, including: Divorce, Custody, Family Law, Personal Injury,
Auto Accidents, DUI, Traffic, Criminal Defense and more

Locksmith Course


Course Objectives

Provide knowledge about the making of copy key, repair, installation and opening of cylinder locks, multipoint, pommel, cross, safety, auto, handling tools, equipment and techniques required for a good job development .

Study program, see the detail at

unit 1
  • Work tools
  • Different sets of keys
  • Locks, their components and operation
Unit 2
  • lock picolo
  • Cylinder locks
  • Repair cylinder locks
Unit 3
  • Calibre and use
  • Change combination
  • Yale type copying machine
Unit 4
  • double locks palette
  • Tools for making lock
  • Change combination
Unit 5
  • Failures in double paddle locks
  • Flaws in cylinder locks
Unit Basics of safety boxes
  • basics of safety boxes
Cross Keys unit or Tetra
  • Copy key
  • Replacement cylinder
  • Placing lock
  • Opening
Lock unit Pomo
  • Installation
  • Copy key
  • Opening
Multipoint lock unit
  • components
  • Copy key
  • Change combination
  • Disarmament cylinder without key
  • Copy key compukey
Locksmith automotive unit
  • Fundamentals of automotive locksmith manual lock
  • Cylinder locks and door contact
  • Chevrolet lock: cylinder door disarmament, changing combination lock cap fuel tank, ignition lock
  • VW door lock
  • Auto Key Copy
  • Contact cylinder Citroen
  • Fiat mapping cylinder door
  • Copy mapped key
  • Making cylinder wrench car
  • Opening car door


The final assessment consists of an instrument or multiple choice test, which aims to assess the acquisition of conceptual and procedural bases, the first concerning concepts, theories, principles and application of techniques and the second concerning the procedures to be followed for the realization of tasks. Is valued, in short, foreground, but not the potential psychomotor skills that could build their autonomous participant in the process of experimentation and repetition.

Suggested admission profile

educational level equivalent to primary education.

School 527 people subjected to DNA testing to investigate rape

One student was molested in the school bathroom with the lights off and without it could recognize the aggressor

The Fenelon-Notre Dame high school, located in La Rochelle, western France, will conduct the investigation on site school.
The Fenelon-Notre Dame high school, located in La Rochelle, western France, will conduct the investigation on site school.

A private Catholic high school located in La Rochelle in westernFrance , began today to take DNA tests for dogs and after that DNA samples from 527 people to investigate the rape of one of her students, aged 16, on 30 September in the bathrooms of the school.

The vast operation, which will last until next Wednesday and will take place on site of the Lyceum Fenelon-Notre Dame , in studying thousand 300 students , has been described as “disproportionate” by the League of Human Rights .

The researchers extracted DNA from a saliva sample and checked against the results with genetic remains that the assailant left on clothing child when he raped her in high school services, with the lights off and without being able to recognize.

475 students, 31teachers and other 21persons will be subjected to the test

Analyses, whose total cost will amount to 5,000 euros ($ 7,000), will be conducted in a laboratory in Lyon (east), and its results will be known within a month and then those who tested negative will be destroyed.

The prosecution has fruitlessly checked against the DNA of the alleged rapist with the relatives of the girl and the national automated genetic fingerprint file.

In the case of minors it has needed a double consent, his own and that of their parents, to undergo genetic testing, which conducted plainclothes police.

Researchers can not force anyone to submit to the test, but warn that those who refuse will become “potential suspects” who could order record or stop.


The president of the League of Human Rights, Pierre Tartakowsky, considered that the measure is “disproportionate, threatening and traumatizing” because “they have nothing to reproach himself can not refuse”.

Why the rejection would become a confession of guilt? “Asked Tartakowsky.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor in the case, Isabelle Pagenelle said today at a news conference that “no one has refused for now” to submit to the tests, which have developed “without difficulty, from the calm and serenity”.

The representative of the Public Ministry defended the procedure with the argument that there is a “high probability” that the aggressor “is the interior” of the center.

This is an unusual initiative by precedents in France in 1997, 2003 and 2004, always in cases of rape and disappearances of minors.

Chicago, a city of green roofs and environmental boom

“It is clear that we need more energy and different sources to work with the environment and with Chicago; rationalize its use, inform yourself, “said a television actress in the commercial space CBS2 Chicago, one of the local channels.

A model for other urban centers seeking a commitment to the environment and reference in the world for its effective political city, Chicago has a plan of action, promoted by the city, which was delineated to reduce the effects of climate change and improve quality of life for its 2.8 million inhabitants.

The “Green Roofs” or green roofs are gardens located on the roofs of houses and roofs in order to avoid surface warming and save energy. Today the city already has more than 200, concentrated mainly in large for buildings of Lujiazui financial center.

The benefits of having this system in buildings are multiple. Despite having to keep them and face an initial cost of between 50 and 65 dollars per square meter, these gardens are profitable.

The technology that was developed provides a longer superfi to the surface of the roofs life among two to three times higher than that of households that do not have a garden- because it avoids the direct impact of climate impacts as snow or high temperatures wearing material. In addition, rainwater is reused for watering plants and garden manages to balance the heat and extreme cold, which means less spending on air conditioning for the buildin cio and energy savings.

Experience has already been implemented by countries such as Scandinavia, Iceland and the United Kingdom, in order to counteract the low temperatures and achieve more pleasant environments.

There are different types of green roofs that vary according to the diversity of plants which do not usually exceed the height-meter, the depth of the land and the cost. Choose one or the other depends on the possibilities of maintenance, the height of buildin cio in which is installed, the temperatures to be subjected vegetation and weight that can withstand the ceiling.

The Chicago City Hall, a historic buildin cio that houses the city government, was the first example of green roof built in 2001. The purpose of installing there was use as an example so that people could check their benefi ts. It is permanently monitored to evaluate the results and compared with nearby buildings, so far, at an annual average, it has reduced in seven degrees the temperature of the matrix roofing and in the summer months up to 30 degrees cooler than their neighbors They not have the technology.

Another contribution of the city government to encourage its people and create green spaces that contribute to cleaner air was the creation of Millennium Park.

This park, ten hectares, was built in 2004 on land that originally belonged to a railway company. Includes large green spaces with varied vegetation, a large open amphi theater without bleachers and covered lawn where shows are performed in the warmer months, a tennis ice skating and numerous artistic sculptures.

It is also the world’s largest green roof, below the park as a giant parking is located.

• Action Plan. Green roofs of Chicago are just a part of the action plan of the city against the effects of climate change. The local government has fi xed goals for 2020 include a reduction in energy expenditure by 30% in buildin industrial, commercial and private households making rational use of resources prices.

They seek to achieve a total of 6,000 for buildings in Chicago to join the initiative of green roofs and reformulating the energy matrix with clean alternative way to reduce CO2 emissions that contribute to a greater proportion than other gases, the greenhouse effect. 2020 goals include reducing emissions by 20%.

As for the garbage, the focus is on a plan called “Three Rs” (reduce, reuse and recycle) in which companies and individuals involved. 2020 is to reduce by 90% the waste dumped in landfills for later burning.

To achieve these objectives, action plans are varied and range from the use of light bulbs low consumption to agreements with private companies and effi ciency requirements and consideration to the environment when constructing buildings to achieve energy savings.

In Chicago, the traffic at peak hours is complicated even on motorways and a long way between downtown and O’Hare Airport, located on the outskirts of the city, the number of vehicles traveling with more than one passenger board is minimal.

The city government aims to improve the transport system to ensure that their inhabitants use public transport and avoid the car. They have also expanded the sidewalks, with special paths for bicycle traffic.

Chicago 70% of emissions of greenhouse gases come from energy production to keep running for buildings and 21% of transport (using trucks, cars and buses). The remaining percentage originate garbage burning and industrial pollution.

• National commitment. In November 2007 , 710 mayors of US cities spread over 50 states met to sign a commitment to action against climate change. The Agreement of Mayors for Climate Protection is a change of course in the actions taken by the urban centers so far.

Despite isolated initiatives by local governments such as Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles against climate change, to the signing of this agreement there were no common objectives.

Now are 900 cities that are united in a commitment to meet the goal set in the Kyoto Protocol to reduce by 2012 7% emissions compared to 1990, a goal that the US government did not sign.

This broad set of cities also pursue local objectives with specific goals for their problems and work together for the US Congress to legislate and establish national guidelines on emissions of gases.

Cities like New York have already developed action plans from the Agreement of Mayors. The NYC Plan has a base scientifi c study to achieve its objectives and a project based on the experience of other cities in the United States and the world.

Learn how to remove malware from your computer

The malware is designed to stay, but you should be able to get rid of malicious code with these simple steps.

Via WordPress malware removal

Most people write about having a “virus”, but do not really have anything like that. Their problems are caused by hardware default, the poorly written software or their own mistakes. One of the common problems is overuse of RAM and the mysterious disabling security programs, which can be caused by malicious software.

But what can you do if you are receiving these telltale signs.

1) Start in Safe Mode

First, it does not rely on antivirus program installed on your PC. Chances are you’ve been compromised. Instead, boot into safe mode with networking and run a malware scanner based on the cloud. In safe mode you reduce the likelihood that malware can interfere.

To get there, you must boot the computer and press and release F8 repeatedly. Once the Options menu Advanced Boot appears, you can select Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking.

2) Scan and clean

Once you’re in Safe Mode, open the browser and search an online scanner. This can be ESET Online Scanner . Then, try Trend Micro HouseCall.

Need something stronger? The malware designed for Windows is overshadowed in another operating system, so I recommendany antimalware as  ESET SysRescue live or Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 .


The writers of malware are bad, but they are not stupid … or lazy. They will use every trick in the book are and invent new ones to remain on your PC. For that reason, there is a legitimate argument that once a PC has been compromised, you should start it from scratch.

3) Start over with a clean slate

First, make a backup of your data files to external media. Then you must safely clean your hard drive or SSD. Applications Boot and Nuke Darik does a good job for hard drives. For SSD, go to the website of the manufacturer of the drive for specific instructions.This will probably involve downloading a special program.

If you have a backup image made ​​before infection, do the restore from there. Then copy the data files back to the drive of the newly restored system.

Otherwise, on another computer, download and installation media prepares Windows 7 , Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (click to download now). Boot the means chosen and installed Windows.

Students of the School of Dental Medicine mobilized to the beach to guide the community on the importance of oral hygiene

2 - Volunteers in creating several sand sculptures Oral Health Month - ISSUED

As part of the Month of Oral Health , students of the School of Dental Medicine Medical Sciences Campus (RCM) of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) visited the beach at Ocean Park to guide the community on the importance of oral hygiene.

The initiative, promoted by the Coalition of Oral Health of Puerto Rico, was held to educate the family about the importance of good oral hygiene habits and the benefits of good oral health. The activity was also attended by faculty members of the School of Dental Medicine, The Association of Dentist in Florence SC and the College of Dental Surgeons of Puerto Rico (CCDPR), who directed and delivered samples of oral hygiene products to the public.

Students and volunteers enjoyed the beach, were divided into groups for sand sculptures inspired by dental care products Colgate and floss, mouthwash and toothbrush.

The Coalition of Oral Health of Puerto Rico consists of the School of Dental Medicine RCM UPR, Colgate Palmolive, the CCDPR, the Department of Health and its program of Oral Health, and the Department of Education, among other organizations.

Learn to use a table saw

This kind of electric hand saw is a basic tool for all carpenter, home builder or renovator. The size of the photo saw is 160 mm. Larger saws are 235 mm. Here are some tips and instructions for proper use of circular saws but first, please take a look at experts ratings for table saws.


Image titled Use a Circular Saw Step 1

  1. Familiarize yourself with the different types and sizes of circular saws, and their uses. Here are some examples:

    • Cutting saws 127 mm, which usually have fine teeth and often has the blade located on the left side of the engine, to easily see the passage of the saw.They are available in models of 120 V AC and rechargeable battery models different voltages of direct current.
    • Saws 165 mm, as shown in the illustration above, which are used to cut lumber to size, as well as to rip wood, and cut plywood or composite materials.
    • 184 mm saws, Skil saws often called by the name of the manufacturing company Skil saws. These are the main saws used in the construction industry, and are used to cut wood up to 57 mm thick. They are used to cut and / or custom wood frame, and also to rip wood. There are several options that can cut leaves composite materials, concrete, sheets and non-ferrous ferrous metal, pipe, tubing, and even rolled steel bars.
    • Saws 203 mm and 254 mm, used to cut trees and wood as large, with thicknesses up to 102 mm. These saws are heavy and bulky tools, used mainly for industrial work.
    • Saws helical transmission, having a transmission housing containing a worm gear. These saws are available in models of 184 mm, and are commonly used for rip cutting wood or plywood sheets. Usually you have the cutting blade located on the left side, to easily view the passage of the saw when making a cut parallel to the edge of a sheet of plywood large.
    Image titled Circular Saw Use to Step 2
  2.  Look at the characteristics of the saw that you plan to use. Here are some basic functions of these characteristics.
    • The motherboard can be tilted for angle cuts. Most saws can be adjusted from 90 degrees to a little less than 45 degrees, making it possible to cut bevelled edges on tables, beams, and miters. Most saws have an adjustable screw or lever to adjust the saw to the desired angle of cut that are running, and is located at the front of the saw. Some saws have a scale indicating the angle of the blade, from ‘0’ (90 degrees, or perpendicular to the surface of the table) to 45 degrees.
    • The blade height can be adjusted to different depths of cut from 3 mm to the depth that the saw is able to achieve. The lever or adjustable screw that secures the motherboard to the desired height, usually is located at the rear of the engine, on the left side.
    • Many circular saws are equipped with a torn fence, which serves to guide the blade while making a cut stripping along the edge of a table, obtaining a very even parallel cut.
    • Ejector powder. Some newer models feature a dust ejector to expel sawdust away from the operator and the cutting step on the table.
    • Laser cutting. Some modern models are equipped with a laser that projects a bright red light that indicates the step that will continue the cutting blade. This laser can also be purchased for installation in older models that did not have this unit.
    • Save sheet. Considered as an essential safety feature in any saw. It has two parts, the fixed guard that wraps around the top of the blade and mobile guard, which slides to expose the blade when making the cut. Some models have a handle to slide the guard manually, and expose the blade when making a vertical cut or to see the passage of the cut.
  3. Image titled Circular Saw Use to Step 3


    Learn the basic types of circular saws and their uses. Varying sheet composition, number of teeth (cutting surfaces), die size (the width of material removed by the blade) and sheet quality.

    • Some of these saws may have a steel blade high speed at the time of purchase.
    • Tungsten tipped blades are much more durable, especially when cutting hardwoods. Furthermore plywood and composite materials for sheets are desgastantes therefore leaves tungsten are more convenient.
      • Leaves with few teeth (eg. 28) and less cutting surface are ideal for ripping along the grain of the wood. They make a quick and rough cut.They are cheap and easy to sharpen, due to their small number of teeth.
      • Leaves with more teeth (eg. 40) are designed to work cross section.They make a sharper cut in most cases.
    • abrasive blades are made of silicon carbide or other abrasive materials, and are united by a resin material or some other synthetic material. They are used to cut concrete or metal. Tend to wear out quickly, but for small projects are ideal for its low cost and because they make very quick cuts.
    • Leaves diamond edge. These blades are made of special metal alloys inlaid diamond at its edges (end of blade diameter), and are designed to cut hard concrete, cement composite materials, and building materials such as brick and block.
    • Quenched alloy sheets. These leaves have teeth made of tempered carbon steel, which are very fine (small and compact) and are used to cut metal sheets such as galvanized sheets, aluminum, copper or brass pipe.
    • given type leaves. These are sheets that can be adjusted to different stampings (width of material removed to the passage of the cutting blade). You are blades are ideal for cutting boards die and stop, which are used to tie the wood.
    • Leaves for trimming and styling. These sheets have fine teeth, to make fine, precise cuts on finished materials such as moldings and panels.
  4. Image titled Use a Circular Saw Step 4

    Supports the material to be cut so that the cutting blade does not contact with any material that is below the cutting step. For example, you should place a cutting table on the floor or on concrete. Use a cutting table or easel to do the job.

  5. Image titled Use a Circular Saw Step 5

    Brand wood’ll cut to size with a measuring tape, scale ruler, or a ruler, and then uses a square (steel, triangular or angle) to mark the passage that the blade will travel along the cut .

  6. Image titled Circular Saw Use to Step 6


    Adjust the saw to the desired cutting depth. Make sure that the saw blade is not exposed more than necessary to make the cut. So to make a cut of 40 mm thick, adjust the blade to a depth of 45 mm or 50 mm. This helps saw no clogging and prevents re – raise back.

  7. Image titled Circular Saw Use to Step 7


    Keep your guard saw in optimum operating conditions. It should quickly return to its original position when you lift the saw from the work area. It should slide smoothly when it contacts the material surface. Make sure it is closed when placing the saw on the work table.

  8. Image titled Circular Saw Use to Step 8

    Look down on the right side of the sheet, and alinéala with the pencil mark to start cutting.

  9. Image titled Circular Saw Use to Step 9


    Look at the front of the saw, the two guide grooves. The groove right is the guide to cut with the blade set at the normal position, and the other slot is for use when the base is at an angle of 45 degrees. Align the notch with the pencil line.

  10.  After a brief review to the front of the blade, cutting begins. (Photo 1) Keep your eye on the guide (photo 2) at all times. This puts you in a comfortable and natural position, looking forward to the marked line, and avoiding dust or sawdust.

  11. Image titled Circular Saw Use to Step 11

    Stay tuned to the base of the saw when you take the advanced cutting. Be sure to keep the face of the saw base contact at all times with the cutting material.

  12. Image titled Circular Saw Use to Step 12

    Push the saw on the material with enough force to keep the saw constantly cutting, but not so strong that you hear the saw motor fades, or the blade is saturated with material. A sharp blade should cut easily any material it is not too hard.

  13. Image titled Circular Saw Use to Step 13

    Make sure that the lower blade guard returns to its safety position to lift the saw. Even a guard in good condition may get stuck if a piece of debris is stuck in the mechanism.


  • Sheet high speed steel is thinner than that of tungsten. If you have your saw on the desk, and you’re tearing small pieces of a table or spreadsheet, consider using the thinner sheet to avoid waste.
  • Do not abhor steel sheet high speed as many do, you can serve as emergency saw.The sharpening can, unlike tungsten leaves that must be machined to be sharpened.
  • Use appropriate for your saw cords. Most require a string of 15 amps, so a 30-meter cord must be 12 gauge and Grounded tools must use grounded (3-wire) cords. If you do not use the power cord appropriate type and caliber, you run the risk of shortening the life of the saw motor.
  • Keep clean your tools and work area.

DJ College: Dj’s school opened in Caracas

Of electronics professionals students experts and music producers will become DJs.

DJ College is the name of the newly opened school for DJs, which aims to train professionals comprehensive, with the support of the necessary tools for development in the world of entertainment and music producers and Dj’s, Vj’s.

Juan Varela, organizer of the expo Dj Venezuela, considered one of the most important aspects of the study centre is the international certification, since they have a room of Native Instrument, a manufacturer of software for audio production and brand Traktor.

“They have a special room with license here. Certificates of graduation of the students will be the international brand, which give value to the College”, he said.

Trained personnel. Varela explained that the Center will feature a specific teacher in each area. “Dj’s watercourses will be Dj Destro, creator of Dj Profile Tv and Dj Angel Matt who is an icon of the Venezuelan musical scene since the 1980s.

“In the musical production hall we will have Dj S.Collector, a well known music producer. Vj’s courses will be guided by Dj Black, featured on Venezuelan electronic move”, he added.

Ethics and values . José Ruso, also known as Dj Destro, academic director and Professor at the institution, considers that they have created a pedagogical system and a unique creative experience.“Hopefully in a few years will see what will be here”, said Dj.

He pointed out that the students will have several courses, which range from the basic to the advanced, among which will be professional Dj, music production, wedding dj melbourne and activities such as: masterclasses, film forums, workshops, presentations and discussions to strengthen the knowledge, among others.

“The part of Dj, for which I am a Professor, is the basic course of four weeks. The first students will be forming on the part of music theory;“then, in each of the following weeks will be handling dishes, CD players and, finally, the drivers” explained Russian.

“This way we ensure that new DJs out with the management of all computers that must handle the Dj now,” he added. DJ Destro considered that not only the formation of musical culture and technical aspects are important, but it must work ethics and values.

YouTube EDU: a school for everyone, without cost!

This is a new platform to check quality educational content, whenever and wherever you want. Impel Google and Youtube.
In Youtube are not only popular videos and purchase youtube views, it can also be a virtual school. 

Thursday was presented the platform  YouTube EDU  ( education ), which brings together more than 22,000 videos English classes, Literature, Science, Social, Mathematics, Physics, Management, Technology Studies and tutorials.

Videos can help children to do homework or study for a test, or even experiencing a teacher can learn new ways to teach their students.

“To ensure that videos are aligned with the content that you learn in school we joined Mayahii Foundation  that helped us select the channels included in the platform. The Foundation proposed a list of channels with educational content on YouTube, since, as part of its mission, has evaluated and selected in recent years quality open educational content.In a second stage such content according to additional criteria such as audio and image quality, clarity of the message and appropriate language were evaluated , “she explained Google in a statement.

The page starts with videos of the most popular educational channels like   Math II I ,  Khan Academy in Spanish , EscuelaGuitarra , Craf ting Geek , I’m Mario Vaira ,  Educatina  andTasks Plus .  

There are also video lessons initially aimed at students of High School , but the plan is that the platform has a rapidly expanding channels including Primary and Higher Education.

Attention and concentration of children

The environment a child is packed with information, news and incentives . Perhaps, therefore, it is difficult for them to maintain attention and concentration in studies and their tasks in a particular way. General attention that requires any new aspect in your life has sometimes difficulties in learning .

Through attention, our mind can focus on a stimulus among all those around us to ignore everyone else. With concentration, one of the  skills  essential to the process of knowledge, we remain focused attention on a point of interest, for as long as necessary.Without concentration is virtually impossible to learn something, therefore, concentration is essential for learning.

What should teachers do to promote children’s attention and concentration?

Girl observes insect

1. Avoid distractions . Do without anything that might distract the child: personal problems, family, aimlessness, noise, etc.

 2. Diversify tasks . Change of subject or subject of study time to time. The changes help start the process of care and so the child can stay focused longer.

3. Create routines and study habits . Should begin to study every day at a fixed hour to get a good cerebral performance. If a person gets used to make the effort to concentrate every day at the same time, after a few days will you make your mind focus more easily at that time.

4. Mark times . You need to set a time to perform each task or activity and exacted performed within the allotted time.

5. Organize tasks . Should perform the most difficult tasks when the child is more rested.

6. Focus the mind . To be at full performance , concentration requires a warm up , which may consist spend a few minutes (no more than five) to cross out some letters (choose one) of a sheet of paper. Then you can move on to the scheduled activity.

7. Draw goals and objectives . It is very important that children have clear goals to beachieved. When we want something real and strong, we mobilized many of our resources to try to achieve it . Therefore, if the child has a clear objective in the study, most of you will to get it .

8. Collate breaks . The care process that usually follows a curve decay over time. It is therefore desirable to insert breaks to regain focus.

9. Synthesize and summarize . Mentally summarize what has been heard for an explanation and point short sentences details of more interest is a good technique to exercise care.

10. Using brain supplement geniusx to improve brain power.


5 October, held the World teachers day. Date that we take to, now that your children have returned to reunite with their favorite teachers, the best companions, and they have begun after-school activity that both motivates them, recall some of our favorite movies that deal with education and are suitable for their age. Because with teachers such as these and having the magic or the Rock as compulsory subjects, the back to school is not so hard… A guide for teachers who believe in the importance of the film in classrooms and a proposal for moviegoers potatoes, that the routine does not share films with their children. Everything you need is just launching, search for the name of the film you want to watch, and then watch filme online 2017 in HD!


What: at the beginning of 1936, in a small Galician town, Moncho, an 8-year-old boy, goes to join the school. You are afraid because you heard that teachers stick.There you will find Don Gregorio, that will dazzle their students with such core as little teachings academic. But as of July 18, everything changes: values and principles instilled will be completely relegated.

Why: because, apart from any political consideration, Don Gregorio (Fernando Fernán Gómez) has become the most memorable teacher of Spanish cinema. A pity that their teaching methods to be us so utopian today, when relegating the education at this institution called school, often far from the reality of the children.


Which: At the school of the village of Koker in northern Iran, Mohamed has not done the exercises in the book and Professor threatened with expulsion if you repeat the same failure. That same afternoon, his companion, Ahmed, takes by mistake Mohamed notebook and when it decides to go looking for the House of his friend to return it, is lost in the night.

Why: Not by this authoritarian teacher, but by singing to the solidarity that leads the child Ahmed, able to cross several kilometers walk at dusk to avoid that on the Morrow to punish fellow.

‘BE AND HAVE’ (2002) ( this movie you shoud watch on project free tv)

What: in Saint-Etienne sur Usson, a small town in Auvergne, continue for six months daily life of a single class where, in lathe master, regroup all the village children, 13 students aged between 4 and 11 years.

Why: because, who said that love and discipline belong to opposite worlds? To be narrated in documentary key, it is a good example of how emotion and attachment are basic factors for learning.

Deadpool (2016)

Watch dead pool online now on Movietube.


Which: In 1959, the Walton Academy continues to maintain the classic model of Victorian education. Boys studying there belong to the most exquisite society and do so with the sole purpose of succeeding in the future. But Professor John Keating, former student at the Center, will completely change teaching methods.

Why: Because it promotes an alternative model of education in which the fundamental thing is that students learn to think for themselves.


Which: Mike Wazowski always dreamed of becoming an Asustador, and for that he should go to College. There, you will know the gigantic Sulley, which is fatal…Prequel to the movie ‘Monsters Inc.’ (2001).

Why: Because it explores in a funny way in fears of facing the new stages of life, and teaches us how to overcome them and to develop our self-esteem.


Which: Harry Potter is an orphan who lives with his aunt and uncle a grey and boring life. But everything changes when his 11 birthday learns that he is the son of two prominent wizards and is admitted to the Hogwarts School of magic.

Why: Because it conveys the idea that personal learning and career development are best achieved in equipment than in individualistic way.

‘MATILDA’ (1996)

What: Matilda is a very special 6-year-old girl, otherwise their outrageous parents.When discovers that he has telekinetic powers, he decides to use them to do good and punish cruel and perverse people.

Why: that Miss Jenny Honey performed by the actress Embeth Davidtz involving personally by one of his students, while the family context of Matilda does not provide anything its development.


Which: Clément Mathieu is a Professor of music theory that is unemployed in the post-war (1949). An acquaintance recommended him for the post of teacher in a repressive boarding school for children of miners. His mood, and music, will make the guys life totally changes.

Why: Because it offers a portrait of the level of impact that may have the intentions and actions of teachers in children’s lives, although here Professor exerts the functions of an environment that should also include the parents themselves.


Which: Dewey Finn (Jack Black) is a guitarist in a rock band he expelled it.Economic difficulties lead him to impersonate a substitute teacher in a private school. From the classrooms, Dewey tries to form a rock band with his young students to arrive on time for the battle of bands, although the Director of the Center not puts nothing easy things.

Why: Because it has become a classic family and fantasizes about the possibility of overturning the rules of the educational institution so that children’s elections are governed by your tastes, not what suits them at every moment.


Which: The life of an English of early 20th century family formed by a banker father, a mother, suffragist, and two children rebels seeking to draw the attention of parents making life impossible to all babysitters, will be altered with the arrival of Mary Poppins, a flamboyant governess that low clouds using his umbrella as a parachute.

Why: Because although it moves away from the school, it shows the need for a close relationship and common criteria between the family and education.


The following is a list of the best putlocker movies set in the world of teaching and education.

To reach the figure of one hundred we have opened a little hand, and so there are movies on the classic relationship of a teacher with students in the classroom, but also teachers who give private lessons, extreme cases of disabled children and even wild and the world teaching at school, college and even in schools.

There can be passion for the humanities, sport and dancing. Exemplary teachers, and others who are not up to its exciting and challenging profession.

We feel that the list is rich and varied – there are even professors associated with terror movies, but as always we invite moviegoers intrepid surfers to propose other titles to add to the list by writing to project free tv.

  1. Professor Holland: The film tells the story of Glenn Holland, a young frustrated composer who never imagined that his real dream was to teach music to teenagers who end up being his best inspiration.
  2. Club Dead Poets: “Carpe diem, live for the moment” is the phrase that as a benchmark film related to education remains in our heads after watching this film. A beautiful story that raises the importance of thinking for themselves to students.
  3. All Starts Today: It is a film marking critical, that uses nearby techniques to the documentary (in fact, some actors are professionals, but others have been taken from the educational environment) to denounce the lack of attention of the authorities to education Children and related social issues.
  4. Choristes: A beautiful piece that takes us to the end of the 40s, after the Second World War, to tell a story of perseverance and hope. Its protagonist, clement, is not very happywith the strict and repressive school rules … and form a choir may be the best of ideas.
  5. Dangerous Minds: Another movie that is already a classic in the lists of education and film. Its protagonist is faced with the challenge of working with a class of conflicting and completely unmotivated teenagers. You will soon realize that to catch your attention should be the first to treat them with respect and believe in them.
  6. States to succeed: It’s the true story of an American professor who decided to work lecturing in the most troubled neighborhoods in New York, specializes in bringing out the best of students with more difficulties. A great inspirational film that reminds us of the power of vocation and self – improvement.
  7. Be and have: This is a documentary that tells us the challenges and projects that must confront a teacher in a rural school, a unitary school where students of different ages share class. Essential to remember that there are other ways to teach that sometimes we forget.
  8. Class: François and the other teachers of a French high school in a tough neighborhood are preparing to face a new course. A great story to address the issue of the role of school in our multicultural society, and discuss their socializing role and builder of coexistence.
  9. Mona Lisa Smile: It ‘s a set in the 50 story that tells the story of Katherine, a professor of art history ideas ahead of their time. A film about the role of women in society and the importance of education in this.
  10. At the front of the class: The film is based on the true story of Brah Cohen, diagnosed with Tourette syndrome since age 6. A ‘obstacle’ that will not pose any problems to fulfill his dream: becoming a teacher. However, the road will not be easy.


Molecular Gastronomy: science and design in the kitchen

Food and design create an inescapable relationship. Creating tools and systems for the production, preparation and consumption of food has allowed mankind to know and explore the possibilities on optimization, diversification and enjoy an activity historically connected with the basic needs of man.The inertia of these processes has placed in the hands of society innumerable machines, appliances and gadgets that are involved in the entire cycle of food. From the tractor in planting seeds or sophisticated extraction from bovine milk, even the most sensitive tools that build the stage of pleasure to eat. Design is very civilized society has succeeded in placing food in the mouths of people.

The design has been present, and with great force, very everyday products: tables, chairs, best kitchen faucet brands, kitchens, cutlery, plates, glasses. In the forms of the latter objects, called Tabletop or Tableware , you could tell the story of entire societies. Packaging, containers, packaging and displays have transported, differentiate and sell food. Photography has been instrumental in the presentation of dishes and recipes. Likewise, sequences of operations, list of ingredients, methods and procedures used incooking have a connection to the systemic nature of the design. In all these areas, not to mention the rise and spread of design for food places, driven by a sustained and growing global movement around gastronomy, design sailing on a fully interdisciplinary field guided by the fitness and Branding.

With Gastronomy new workspaces for designers open. The products traditionally used are revalued at this broader view of the culinary fact, while the possibility is opened, with very recent explorations, the food design, the Food Design .

Since the English physicist Nicholas Kurti (1908-1998) at the University of Oxford and the French chemist Hervé This Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique – INRA, formalized the Molecular Gastronomy as a discipline over 20 years ago, the elements were increased combination in the preparation of food. Know and manipulate the physical and chemical transformations behind each dish he opened new spaces in the kitchen.

Article Food for tomorrow? How the scientific discipline of molecular gastronomy Could change the way we eat , published in 2006, Hervé This explains the differences between culinary and gastronomy, while notes that are nothing new relations between science and food preparation .Interesting when he says that ” the kitchens are equipped with basically the same pots, beaters and the kitchen sieves used in the seventeenth century. Similarly, culinary books from the fourteenth century to the XXI century all look the same, despite the introduction of new recipes, for example, the emulsion described for the first time in a French culinary book appeared in 1674, and the ancestor of mayonnaise it seems to be a beurre de Provence . ”

Thus, new ways of preparing food, explored by scientists, chefs and cooks, clearly placed the three areas of design exploration in gastronomy: the food preparation (cooking), the tools and devicesand finally aspects of communication .

We had already presented the work of James King , Dressing the Meat of Tomorrow (Wearing the Food of the Future), a concept that introduces the idea of ” disembodied cuisine ,” a food essentially created in the laboratory. From here it points to a mass production of food.

While equipment and tools for the new kitchen are unchanged, there are new and powerful efforts industries like Electrolux , the Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer, exploring new business models.Electrolux Design Lab , in its latest 2012 edition, proposes the subject design experience in the kitchen, looking for ideas of how people prepare and store food. This international competition with 10 years of tradition, introduced last August, the 30 semi-finalists of the contest. Among the works, the concept Mo’Shere , Mexican designer Yunuén Hernandez , proposes a multifunctional device for gaming experience in molecular cuisine.

The designer Yasemin Uyar , in the Design Workshop V: Science & Design led by professorsJeanne Pfordresher and Ignacio Urbina at  Pratt Institute , addresses the same subject with the project GastroPlay: Food Experiment Kit . A concept proposed molecular preparing food using the analogy of the processes of manufacturing and trying to introduce this kitchen in everyday activities.

Advanced techniques in food preparation, emulating the practices of science in the laboratory have been implemented, improved and disseminated by great masters of the kitchen like  Wylie Dufresne ,Feran Adrià and Heston Blumenthal . The possibilities in the mix of ingredients and uses processes of science in the kitchen is still reserved for specialists.

But in an attempt to make available to the general public products that allow for molecular cooking at home, appears Molécule-R : a set of pipette provided, silicone tubes and inyectadoras accompanied by a digital material with recipes. Own ingredients in a laboratory; agar, xanthan gum, calcium salts, sodium alginate or soybean lecithin. This product line has started producing various gadgets and devices that make up a family of products specifically dedicated to molecular cuisine homemade. A new form of DIY (Do-It_Yourself) for cooking.


Finally, the design is closer to the kitchen in the affairs of visual communication, information design and visualization models built in the culinary and gastronomic process, beyond the context of advertising or packaging. Much has been done in this regard.

In 2011 it was published by Taschen collection Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, of  Nathan Myhrvold , Chris Young , Maxime Bilet . This is an important compendium of 6 volumes with recipes of the most famous Chefs, and a description of processes, ingredients and other issues gastronomy tip. The work has a strong emphasis on the relationship between science and gastronomy.

Here is another example of design possibilities in the difficult task of communicating, using visual aids.Using photography, video and computer graphics in the service of gastronomy.

More and more teenagers leave school because of pregnancy

The number of births to mothers under age 20 increased 12% in the last decade. There are already 120 thousand per year.

Flavia became pregnant at 14. As dared not tell their parents, the task was entrusted to her boyfriend. Immediately, the preparations for theparty of 15 were suspended to make all necessary arrangements for the arrival of Thiago Benjamin, who served two years in February. The birth was a family revolution that involved, among other things, that Flavia had to leave school .

Flavia history of frequent and outstanding at a time. On the one hand, she is one of nearly 120,000 girls under 20 who give birth each year in Argentina. In the last decade, the number of births to teenage mothers increased by 12% , and now represents 16% of total births, according to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) analyzed in the Yearbook 2014 of the Observatory of Motherhood.

gyn nyc yesterday presented a study involving young people in the province of Buenos Aires which found that 75% of the “neither-nor” are women who perform domestic and care work; 41% of these women’s mother . In addition, while in the region increases theaverage age of first , it decreases in Argentina.

Flavia’s case is unusual because after the initial dropout, she could go back to school and now attends 2nd year at High School No. 2 of La Plata ( see Beating destination … ). In contrast, the figures indicate that only four out of ten pregnant teenagers manage to continue studying . In addition, over half of adolescents who are mothers had already dropped out of school when they became pregnant.

“If children arrive, it becomes harder to continue studies because the need to work for the market or for home increases. Conversely, when women and men access and remain in the formal school year, the children born later, “describes Carina Lupica, director of the Observatory of Motherhood. Lupica warns that the relationship between schooling and neglect is not unidirectional: “The sense of connection can be the reverse: the defection may be previously and is likely to influence in reproduction at an early age. ”

Mabel Bianco, president of the Foundation for Studies and Research on Women (FEIM), adds: “Teen mothers, although they want, can hardly continue to study without support from family and the state.

State aid are few and generally limited to giving money, as the universal child allowance, but this can not afford to pay such a kindergarten for the child, or someone to look after him. The lack of maternal and meeting halls 3, 4 and 5 years for early childhood education is one of the state debts with teenage mothers and their families. ”

The map of teenage pregnancy is quite similar to that of poverty . In some provinces of the Northeast the children of teenage mothers account for over 20% of births, and reach even 25% in Chaco and Formosa. Maternity and paternity during adolescence is more common among young people poorest and least educated.

According to the latest data from UNFPA, 69% of teen pregnancies are unplanned . Therefore, experts agree that sex education is essential to address this issue. Ana Lia Kornblit, a researcher at CONICET and the Gino Germani Institute, said: “Being able to receive school information necessary to practice safer sex, but especially to enable communication routes among adolescents and adults , in this case teachers and also with peers it is fundamental. Especially considering all that still refers to sexuality remains, especially in certain media-taboo “.

Teacher’s Day: Some of the most outstanding masters of popular culture

No matter if some humorous or dramatic series, some have taught these teachers that you can apply in your daily life.

Yes, came the Teacher’s Day , when, usually, you can not greet them in person because your study center has been given the day off to educators. But it’s the perfect time to remind you to some teachers of film , television or literature that for some reason or another to and are part of our cultural heritage.

No matter if some humorous or dramatic series, some have taught these  teachers  that you can apply in your daily life.


1Teacher’s Day. Walter White is the best teacher of chemistry that could have in school.And if you want to do drugs with him, it’s also the best.

2Teacher’s Day. Stefan Amraly

3Teacher’s Day. The Jedi Knight Star Wars is smaller at the same time, one of the best.Among his most famous students is Luke Skywalker.

4Teacher’s Day. Old champion and savior of the world martial arts, Master Roshi Dragon Ball is a leading figure in the struggle .. and perversion.

5Teacher’s Day. TV series Master Keaton presents the most bizarre world archeology professor, Taichi Hiraga Keaton, who wants a good job and to pay the bills, you recursea as the best detective in the world.

6Teacher’s Day. His temper, hatred for Harry Potter and flirting (just appearances) with the forces of evil did not stop Severus Snape is one of the most competent teachers of Hogwarts.

7Teacher’s Day. Professor Jirafales, also known as the “Sausage maistro” always tried to teach good lessons in El Chavo del Ocho, the problem was that I had bad students.

8Teacher’s Day. The master Miyagi, who had the difficult task of teaching Karate Daniel-San

List of schools for heavy equipment operator

The children are impressed to see bulldozers, graders and other large earth-moving machines. If you grew up and never lost interest in heavy equipment, perhaps the career as a heavy equipment operator is for you. To operate of these large machines, it is necessary that you possess specialized knowledge before beginning a career. Schools and centres of training in the United States can offer you the qualifications you need.

West Coast training

The West Coast training is located in Woodland, wash., and has been heavy since 1959 machine operators. The company offers training in heavy machinery, cranes and commercial trucks, as well as hazardous materials. The course of heavy machinery has 320 hours to complete more than eight weeks and includes instruction in the classroom, in addition to four daily hours of operation of real equipment. The only requirement for the course is that the student has at least 16 and a half years old. It is not obligatory to possess a high school diploma or take an equivalency examination, but the student will have to pay an entrance examination if you cannot produce a GED, make transcripts or a form military DD214.

National heavy equipment operators school

The National School of operators of heavy machinery, located in Green Cove Springs, Florida, is part of the national service training incorporated. The training school program consists of a course at home carrying a 3-week training program and a half at Green Cove Springs.According to the company, your online course is the only accredited home study program to operate in excavations that exists so far. The program is recognized by the Commission of accreditation of distance education and Training Council.

PTS heavy equipment training

PTS heavy equipment school is an alliance of well-trained individuals, with a wealth of experience in the industries we serve, who are dedicated to being the best trainers and teachers in the industry. We are teachers, experienced operators, business consultants, admissions representatives and career representatives, who are dedicated to the success of the students and businesses we serve. Please visit for further information.

Advanced training services

Advanced training service began as the National Institute for the construction of concrete in 1959. Although his base headquarters is located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, the company is authorized by the State boards of education in 15 States where it operates training centres.The company also offers training in the framework of the law of workforce investment, allowing students to get tuition in most of the States assistance. Heavy equipment programs are designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to operate a series of machines including backhoes, trucks of rocks, motor graders and all terrain forklift trucks. Advanced training is accredited by the National Center of education and research of the construction.

Construction of deep Creek School

The school of construction of deep Cove, located in Apple Valley, California, is a training provider listed by the State of California. The nine weeks of training in heavy equipment program has 150 hours of instruction 167 specific competences. These skills include the calculation of maximum load security, turn the equipment and start-up procedures. The student must demonstrate and mastering each of the 167 skills to obtain a certificate from the program.

Education in diabetic foot care

According to the doctors from Newark Podiatrist, an important role in diabetes management strategy is to teach patients and health professionals to reduce risk factors to reduce complications.

The knowledge on diabetes education and prevention in foot care is essential to reduce complications; this knowledge must be transferred to the patient with diabetes to use them to their advantage.

How to teach about foot care

Before teaching skills foot care, the educator needs to evaluate the patient’s current knowledge, behaviors, beliefs, and skills to ask
you currently what you do to your feet?

The challenge for educators is to provide information that is tailored to the individual risk level of the patient and current practice foot care.

Having parkinson or blindness are situations in which the teacher must adapt the special teachings to find solutions to the needs of these patients.

Patients need practical and realistic information on foot care. Give reasons why foot care is important and what is the purpose of the recommendations.

It is useful for many patients have written at home councils ruled by the diabetes educator.

It helps the patient much information we transmit them go custom.

It is essential to the cultural level appropriate material having each patient.
To teach about foot care

For patients with diabetes Teaching the basic principles of foot care. Patients with neuropathy, vascular disease, or a history of foot ulceration or amputation should be evaluated periodically to see if put into practice education received. The feet of patients with high risk, should be checked at each visit. The low-risk patients will be reviewed and evaluated once a year. It should encourage patients to remove their shoes and socks at every visit health, even if they do not discuss anything abnormal in his feet. Teach inspect your feet: They should look through your fingers every day, when we or remove socks; a mirror can help examine difficult areas. Once finished the explanation should send the patient to perform a demonstration of how to inspect your feet, indicating the areas that need special attention. You need to check each day inside the shoe to check lining, stitching etc., which can damage or irritate the skin; it is important to turn them regularly before them. The shoes need to be spacious enough to accommodate any deformity that we have. Changing shoes throughout the day is an important aid. Changing shoes during the day is helpful. Avoid walking barefoot or in socks. Wear proper footwear pools or beaches to prevent fungi or burns. Wash and dry your feet well , especially between the toes. Those with problems of maceration, put spacers between the fingers. To avoid burns by being very hot water should check the temperature of bath water or shower forearm, elbow or bath thermometer.It is advisable, after foot hygiene take a moisturizer except between fingers and better not take alcohol, which can dry the skin much. The nails of the toes should be cut at right to subsequently use an emery board and leave no rush. If the patient can not see well or have difficulty reaching the feet, a family member, nurse or podiatrist can. Avoid corns, calluses or toenails toes buried. Do not use chemicals, sharps or razor blades to deal with problems as they can lead to ulcerations or infections. Dress well and adapting: fluffy cotton, interdigital separators, synthetic blend or wool socks. Avoid hot water bottles, electric blankets, heating, or microwave because they can cause burns. Seek prompt medical attention for any problem cuts, blisters, calluses, any wound that will not heal, or signs of infection such as redness, swelling, pus, drainage, or fever.

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